Purpose of food content videos on video-sharing platforms (YouTube, Tik-Tok, IGTV) according to social media audiences.

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Yin Li


Yin Graduated from the University of Toronto’s New Media and Studio Art Program. She has mastered both theories and practices to create new digital representations. During her study, she has built strong fundamentals of art, design, and digital media. While her research and practice primarily focused on Asian culture and the relationship between self-awareness and new media trends. Her MRP title is From the Mobile Screen to the Kitchen: Exploring Audience Behaviours Online and Best Practices for Creators for Food Content Videos. The research explores audiences’ motivations to watch food videos on platforms like YouTube and TikTok and how the content changes users’ behaviours. Also, the research analyzes the existing data or theories to develop social media metrics and examine the content for long-form and short-form food videos for the creative practice. During the research, she also produces food video content on YouTube and TikTok.



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