Collider: Performing Arts, Digital Theatre, and Storytelling in AltSpace VR (working)

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Shelby Bushell


Shelby is an adventurous creative individual interested in exploring new modes of immersive storytelling. She is especially interested in the ways we can use digital tools to innovate live performance and enhance interaction with an audience. As a graduate from UBC’s BFA in Theatre Production and Design who spent seven years directing and stage managing in the Vancouver theatre industry, Shelby is uniquely positioned to understand the potential for digital media in theatre. The COVID-19 virus has pushed the arts towards digital modes of spectatorship, and Shelby is interested in how we take our new creative processes into the world beyond the pandemic. When she isn’t researching or in the rehearsal hall, Shelby can be found rolling dice and telling stories for fun, playing tabletop roleplaying games with a group of friends.



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