Achieving Product Market Fit, A Reflexive Case Study Applying Lean Principles On A Funded Startup

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Peter Calow


Bermuda and now situated in the heart of Toronto. My undergraduate degree in Creative Industries (CI) has fueled my fascination with the rapidly changing world of technology and the connection with startups and their engagement within music/media industry. My CI course opened up a number of unique opportunities, providing the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses. Larger companies, like Cirque Du Soleil, contributing to the design of new immersive multimedia experiences for front of house experience, and Myant, the leader in wearable textile computing, to re-imagine the future of wearable technology for everyday consumers with the opportunity to pitch our findings to executive board members. A small scale startup, LUS, being involved with early stage innovation for their logistics and supply chain, providing insight into data management and using data to come up with creative solutions, as well as experiencing the grit necessary to thrive in such an environment. I'm very passionate about how innovation is developed through people and believe that close relationships between team members, early adopters and potential customers is the backbone of any successful startup.



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