The impact of online learning during a global pandemic on post-secondary students, faculty members, and administrators at Ryerson University. (Working Title)

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Mollie Smith


Mollie Smith is a recent undergraduate of the Journalism program at Mount Royal University and is passionate when it comes to telling others stories through various mediums. As a storyteller, Mollie creates and delivers real and thoughtful stories. She strives to give a voice to the voiceless and provide information and understanding through her stories. Outside of being a journalism graduate, she is passionate about movies, sports and current events. Mollie decided to choose Ryerson University’s Masters of Digital Media program because of the vast opportunities the program would allow her to apply and gain access to. She realized that the world is shifting to digital technologies and saw this program as a way to capitalize on the momentum. Mollie also saw the program as a new way to use and hone her skill sets more by applying them to various other fields in a new and interactive way.



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