Digital Storytelling and Sisterhood: How Podcasts Foster an Immersive Virtual Community for Black Women

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By examining Black-led podcasts and creating my own podcast featuring storytelling through sisterhood, this paper will fill the gaps in digital community studies and enrich the field of podcast research, all the while shedding light on why empowered black women are catalysts for meaningful virtual conversations.


Micha Powell


My name is Micha Powell, born in Montreal, Canada. I have my BA in broadcast journalism and I am the co-founder of the production company MichaMuseMedia. I am also a 2016 Canadian Olympian specializing in the 400-meter dash and host of the sports podcast “People Behind the Performances”. For my research project, I will be researching how Black women have transferred Black oral culture to podcasts and created safe and immersive virtual spaces to share their personal experiences with their audiences. With my masters degree I hope to become a sought-after Black professional in the field of digital content creation allowing me to create diverse narratives using advanced technological platforms while giving space to multi-dimensional Black voices within the world of digital media.



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