Many-to-one: Wearable Interactions

Many-to-One: Unique Audience Engagement with Wearable Technology
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This project brings focuses on a unique audience engagement in musical performances and explores the many-to-one network connection of tangible interactions. This research project proposes a new creative space that will explore an inverted interaction, where audience members set the stage of the performance. This paper will focus on the creation of a wearable wristband, the use of network connection and the interaction with a data visualization used to create a unique and engaging experience for every audience member.


Kum San Vanessa Amy Dang-Lam


Vanessa was exposed to various technologies during her undergraduate studies in Digital Media at York University and discovered her passion for physical computing and wearables. She created multiple art installations and wishes to continue pursuing her passion for creating interactive wearable projects for concerts and other sorts of events. Vanessa is currently pursuing a Masters of Digital Media degree to focus her research on the many-to-one connection for a new creative space that allows concert-goers to set a unique performance stage themselves. Vanessa is creating an interactive wearable device that would allow concert-goers to engage with the stage in a unique way.



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