Re-imagining Eglinton's Little Jamaica: The Digitalization and Story Preservation of a Caribbean Community’s Cultural Identity (working title)

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Dorcas Marfo


Dorcas Marfo is a multimedia journalist and creative. Dorcas is a current student at Ryerson’s Masters of Digital Media. With COVID-19, it made it clear that digital technology can bring communities together when it is difficult to do so physically. Invested in finding ways to tell the stories of marginalized communities, Dorcas began to look at location-based/spatial storytelling and communities’ cultural heritage in displacement. Little Jamaica came onto her radar and she found that the community's needs, prior to the Eglinton Crosstown project, were neglected and the city was not held accountable. In the technical space, she found a lack of information visibility and accessibility. With this, her research boils down to how digital story preservation can be a valuable tool to capture and amplify the stories of Little Jamaica as a Caribbean cultural and heritage hub. She plans to design an interactive mobile application that highlights the nuances of Little Jamaica.



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