Exploring the experiences of digital media entrepreneurship teams collaborating remotely to innovate. (Working)

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Christopher Blomkwist


Christopher Blomkwist is a Toronto based digital marketing professional and entrepreneur. He has always had a passion for entrepreneurship, and for over 10 years Christopher has operated his own social media marketing business. One of Christopher’s passions is as a workshop facilitator, including while at the Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC), providing instruction and consulting to over 250+ new entrepreneurs on how to excel in social media marketing, covering topics such as branding, sales, paid advertising and content marketing. Christopher’s MRP is focused upon understanding the experiences of digital media entrepreneurship teams woking remotely during COVID-19. He is specifically investigating serendipity, those moments of chance or unintended discoveries of new innovate ideas, how “water cooler” moments had between colleagues has changed since moving to remote work, and how these valuable casual conversations can be nurtured in the new remote work space.



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