Using Gamification to Influences User Success Within Personal Finance Apps

A mobile budgeting app that uses gamification to make financial literacy information more accessible to consumers, and aims to help them improve their financial habits & behaviours.
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This MRP explores the current research and prior literature surrounding financial literacy’s use as a tool for consumer empowerment. It seeks to understand the current market for financial literacy digital media in the form of mobile budgeting applications. This study resulted in the development of a new mobile personal finance & budgeting application uniquely designed to make financial literacy information more accessible and available to users, and to help users improve their financial habits & behaviours. This was accomplished through the implementation of gamification techniques.


Carrie Hayes


"Carrie Hayes is a lifelong design-thinker with 20 years of experience in visual & UX design. A natural empath, she is able to put herself in the minds of users to create frictionless digital & analog experiences. With a formal education in design and digital media, Carrie blends her knowledge of contemporary culture & motivational affordances to craft products that inspire user engagement and win loyalty. She has worked on numerous cross-functional teams to execute high-visibility projects in the areas of technology, education and fashion. In doing so, Carrie has developed a reputation for her clear vision, organized approach and attention to detail. She is able to spot patterns and issues quickly, cutting through the noise to develop insightful creative solutions. Carrie’s most recent project is pursuing a Masters of Digital Media at Ryerson University. Her thesis focuses on gamification and the application of its tenets within the fintech & edtech fields. Select design accolades: ELLE Canada, Globe & Mail, Huffington Post, FLARE, Toronto Life, FASHION, National Post, Toronto Star, Wedding Bells Magazine, ET Canada."



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