The intersection of digital media and accessibility studies, focusing on disability accommodations and integrating accessibility features into Enterprising Software

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Anna Lang


Anna’s unique experience from her Bachelors of Interactive Arts and Science at Brock University allowed her to have an interdisciplinary study in digital media, project management, and digital expression, giving her a broad understanding of technology, as well as personal and team-based skills. Her enjoyment of teamwork lead her to have significant leadership roles in her undergraduate program, becoming an expert in workflow and project management. Anna’s passion for digital media and expression has led her to explore the intersection between interpersonal skills, digital boundaries, and accessibility studies. When Anna came to Ryerson, she wanted to explore the trifecta of interpersonal skills, digital boundaries, and accessibility studies; this inspired her Major Research Paper. Her paper focuses on individuals who are considered neurodivergent and their transition from academia to private sector employment. Anna believes that they deserve access to the disability accommodation plans that they experienced within their education; due to this, she is developing a plug-in and bots that will provide accessibility accommodations within Slack, a currently existing enterprise software. By creating innovation and collaborative technology, she hopes that individuals can integrate their used enterprise software in tandem with their daily workload while receiving the necessary accommodations.



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